Some Facts About Ticks And Its Treatment

27 Feb

Ticks are associated with pets since ages. It is not a rare incidence that does not matter how much you protect your pet, sooner or later it will be infected by fleas as well as ticks. There are various medicines available at pet stores which claim to kill dogs, but not all of them can be used. Most of them have harmful pesticides which are extremely fatal to be used on a pet.

Just treating the pet is not essential it is also essential that one must know basic facts about fleas. So here are some basis facts about fleas that will help a dog owner do the flea prevention treatment in the right manner. Learn more.

Ticks crawl and do not jump.

Ticks do not jump from leaves or any other source; they always crawl up and then capture the body of the pet. If pets go to any such place where there is wild growth, then there are high chances that it will get infected by fleas very soon.

Ticks are of various size

Ticks are available in various size; they go through three stages to finally become powerful blood suckers. These stages are larva, nymph and adult fleas. Adult ticks are very strong and extremely difficult to kill.

Winter does not kill ticks

Freezing temperature does not kill ticks. They are active all through the season but become more powerful during the spring and summer time.

Tick carry disease-causing infection fleas are just not blood suckers they carry infection along with them. They can also transmit serious disease-causing microbes which can make the pet ill. Ticks infect the intestine of the pet and also make the intestine weak. More than this these pests also affect the diet of the pet.

Deer ticks infect pet with Lyme's disease.

There are various types of ticks but among all these types only Deer Tick cause Lyme disease. This disease is very serious and makes the pet very ill, its immune system weakens and it tales much time for the pet to recover from this disease.

Take action before 24 hours.

It is necessary to find ticks within 24 hours so that it does not get chance to spread infection. A flea requires at least 24 hours spreading infection so action must be taken before that period. For this regular combing, the dogs and cats are very essential.

These were some basic tips that are required for keeping the pet active and free from fleas.

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